Thursday, July 12, 2018

How I Layer My Journal Pages

You know, I was thinking last night that I told you all about how I layer and layer onto my base pages in my art journals. I thought it would be waaaaay more fun to show you. So, I've taken a page out of one of the journals in my webshop and I'm just going to show you what that process looks like. Enjoy!

I start with a journal.

I choose the page I want to work on. In this case, my journal is bound with binder rings so I can take the page right out of the journal to work on it.

I gather assorted vintage papers from my stash to layer onto the page.

Then I arrange the papers until I have an arrangement that makes me happy.

I trim the papers to fit and then glue them down, some overlapping others. And now I have a second layer. But I don't stop there!

For this journal, I re-punch the holes to slip the page back in and onto the binder rings.

Next I add what I call the doo-dads. They are the special bits of ephemera and other goodies that make the page interesting. And I'm still not done yet.

I get out my rubber stamps and add a fourth layer. I love using old rubber stamps that were once used in offices.

Detail of the doo-dads. Yum.

I use new rubber stamps too. I like the ones that look old. And my fifth, and in this case the final, layer is washi tape.

And that's a page! Takes about 20-30 minutes for me to complete a page. I love adding all of the layers and different textures and media. I think it makes my journals more fun, very tactile. I often go back through my journals and just run my hands over each page while I look at them.

And there you have it.

As a thank you, to you my lovely readers, how about a little gift? A token to extend my appreciation. If you are one of the first 5 people to purchase one of my handmade journals, I will include a complete collage on a page of that journal. Just a little inspiration to get you going on the rest of your pages. Fun!


  1. Hi Tammy! For some reason, I got a whole bunch of blog posts from you today. They've been stacking up but I haven't gotten notified of them. Good to see you again!

    Where do you find cool rubber stamps? There are so many sites out there. Of course, you may be shopping at some wonderful little place where you live...

  2. Oh, sorry about that blog post onslaught! :) I moved back over here and was updating my posts from the other site.

    I find my rubber stamps anywhere and everywhere. I find great vintage stamps on eBay or at Goodwill. You just have to be persistent in your search. Others I get at the usual spots: Michaels, Joann, my local craft stores. Also online: Red Lead Paper Works is a favorite. Good luck!!