Tuesday, June 26, 2018


I love to travel. I seriously need to find a way to quit my job so I can just travel, travel, travel. If you have any suggestions on this matter, please advise.

In all honesty though, I'm very fortunate because I do have the ability to travel throughout the year. We've got an upcoming trip to Florida in a few weeks (not really sure why we thought Florida in July would be a good idea, but there you go). We'll be at the beach or in a pool for the week, so really, who cares about heat and humidity?!

When I travel, I always make myself a journal to chronicle the trip. I do a lot of the prep before I leave, so I'll start a journal as much as a month (often more than that) before I depart. That way, all that's left is for me to do on my trip is to archive memories. I like to have a place to write down observations if I'm in a cafe or having cocktails on a patio. I slip little flotsam from the day between the pages: museum tickets, postcards, receipts from special meals. Just everyday stuff, but when I look back at my journals later, always take me back to the trip and the things that made it so special.

I'm just about done with the base layers and details for my Florida journal and thought I'd share a few photos here. I wonder, do you also create a place to store vacation memories?

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